How to get more SoundCloud followers and be invited to On SoundCloud Premier

The first step you will have to take to get SoundCloud followers is to get one of their paid accounts. Yes, you’re paying money to make money… isn’t that always the way?

The difference here is that the Pro accounts will not only make money when you’re invited to Premier, but they’ll make you money as you find out where you fans are and go there to play concerts, send people to your merchandise stores, and maybe even get them to buy your music!

Here are the social and technical things you’ll need to do to start building that engaged audience up to the point where you’re invited to the On SoundCloud Premier program:

Creating favorites list

This is your opportunity to connect with your fans and show them the music you enjoy. To really make it work, contact the bands you add and let them know. They just may check you out and add you to their own list. Think of it as being their supporting act as you build an audience.

Get social and engage on tracks

You already listen to music. Listening to it on SoundCloud, and giving real feedback that’s constructive, can help you get noticed. Fans listening to the track can see that you’re knowledgable about music and become interested in you. The bands themselves can again become interested in you and return the favor.

Work on your images

Having a profile and header image that works is essential. You need to have your band name and logo large enough in your profile image so that people can make it out in the thumbnail image on the homepage, and in search results. The header image should include some piece of relevant information. “Follow us for exclusive tracks,” or even “Our new album comes out August 6, 2015!” Always work on conveying as much information as you can, as simply as you can.

Join relevant groups

SoundCloud is one big social community. Being a part of groups that are relevant to your band can help you find fans in a number of ways. First, joining genre specific boards helps you find people who like your specific music. Joining location specific boards helps you find fans in your hometown, or in the next stop of your tour.

Tag, tag, tag!

When you upload tracks you have a chance to add tags to your music. They work like hashtags on Twitter. Feel free to tag other bands that sound like you, musicians who did guest appearances on the track, radio stations that play you, and producers you worked with.

Did you read all that and think “Aw, man. You mean I have to work?” Yep, you gotta hustle, young playa! The benefit, in the end, is multiple revenue streams opening up – including a way to make money on SoundCloud directly with On SoundCloud Premier.

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